Viewer FAQ


What is Space City Home Network?
Space City Home Network is a regional sports network operated under a joint venture owned by the Houston Astros and Houston Rockets. The network is the exclusive local TV home for the Houston Astros (MLB) and the Houston Rockets (NBA). The network is available in Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and eastern New Mexico via satellite, cable, and OTT providers. In addition to the more than 220 live games, Space City Home Network also offers exclusive behind-the-scenes team content, original programming, and extensive regional coverage of high-school and collegiate sports in southeast Texas.

Is Space City Home Network available without being a paid cable, satellite, or OTT customer?
No, the only way to access Space City Home Network is to have a valid pay television subscription that contains Space City Home Network.

Will the networks channel numbers remain the same?
Where you watch Astros & Rockets coverage will not change. The network will be available on the same Cable, Satellite, and OTT providers you are accustomed to today. The channel numbers for the network will remain the same, however the guide listing will now say SCHN and SCHN2. If you are unsure of the networks channel number in your area, please visit our Channel Finder CLICK HERE.

Where do I watch Space City Home Network?
CLICK HERE to find a provider in your area that offers Space City Home Network.

How do I reach Space City Home Network?
X (formerly Twitter): @SpaceCityHN (click to follow)
Instagram: @SpaceCityHN (Click to follow)
Facebook: SpaceCityHN (Click to follow)
Phone: 713.457.6700


Is there an OTT/vMVPD option available where I live?
We are thrilled to offer customers in the region OTT/vMVPD options to watch Astros and Rockets games as the network is available on DIRECTV Stream and fuboTV.  If your OTT provider is not listed and you would like to see Space City Home Network on your provider, please call them and request that they add the network to their channel line-up.

Can I still stream Astros and Rockets content on fuboTV and DIRECTV Stream?
Yes, you can still stream Astros and Rockets programming with a valid subscription via OTT/vMVPD providers who carry our network (i.e., fuboTV and DirecTV Stream).

Why am I not getting all the games on DIRECTV Stream?
At this time DIRECTV Stream is not able to provide all games when there is a scheduling conflict.


How can I get Space City Home Network in HD from my television service provider?
Please contact your television service provider directly and let them know you would like to receive your programming in HD.

Audio or Picture Issues:
If you have audio or picture issues, determine if this issue is present on other channels or only Space City Home Network. If present on other channels, please contact your cable, satellite, or OTT provider. If it is only on Space City Home Network, please contact us and we will respond during regular business hours.


Why can I not watch today’s game on Space City Home Network?
Space City Home Network has rights to locally available Astros and Rockets games. Select games each season are chosen by Major League Baseball and NBA for exclusive national broadcasts and are not able to be aired, including games on ESPN, Fox, Apple TV, and Peacock.

How can I get Astros and Rockets live game broadcasts outside of Space City Home Network broadcast territory?
If you are outside of the team’s regional television territory, games may be blacked out on Space City Home Network. Space City Home Network only has rights to distribute games within the home television territory for each team. Team territories are dictated by the leagues, not by regional sports networks. Some television providers offer out-of-market packages that will allow you to watch games outside of a team’s home territory: the MLB Extra Innings package and the NBA League Pass package. Please note some games may still be subject to blackouts. For more information, contact your television service provider.

I live in the Space City Home Network territory and my television provider does not offer Space City Home Network. What can I do?
Call, email or utilize your provider’s X (formerly twitter) online communities to let them know you want Space City Home Network added to your channel line-up. You can also subscribe to vMVPD providers DIRECTV Stream and fuboTV.

Where can I find the Space City Home Network alternate channel (SCHN2) on TV?
The alternate channel may or may not be adjacent to Space City Home Network in your channel guide. CLICK HERE, or call your cable provider.

What is the difference between Space City Home Network and Space City Home Network Alternate Channel?
Space City Home Network is a live 24-hour television network.

Space City Home Network alternate (SCHN2) is an additional (overflow) television channel for televising live games scheduled to occur at the same time as other live games on the Space City Home Network mains channel. For instance, an Astros game may appear on the alternate channel while a Rockets game is being televised on the main channel.

I produced a sports show. How can I get my show on your network?
To have your show considered for telecast, please contact our programming department at 713.457.6700.

Programming Issues:
If you have additional questions regarding programming, blackouts, or content issues, please contact your television service provider. If your issue cannot be resolved by your provider, please fill out a website ticket and we will respond during regular business hours.


How can I advertise on Space City Home Network?
For advertising information or questions, please contact the network’s ad sales department at