About Us

Space City Home Network is the television home of the Houston Rockets and the Houston Astros.


Space City Home Network delivers sports experiences that fuel our passion and pride as fans while generating deeper connections to our home teams and our cities where they play. When you’re a real fan, it’s never just a game. We don’t hang up the colors when the lights go out: we wear them with pride outside the lines and celebrate the stories they inspire. We lead this tribe of the faithful in the constant pursuit of new ways to passionately enjoy the game day experience, while being immersed in the stories and emotion that surround the teams and cities we call home.

Our fandom has no limits. It’s driven by the desire to not only know more but also to experience it whenever we want, wherever we are.

Our connection is not just something we have; it’s something we can feel in our souls. That connection is fueled by our commitment to innovate and generate a premium experience in and around the games and the teams that inspire us to be passionate fans.

Welcome to Space City Home Network.